We are your outsourced management solution for performing operational tasks like bookkeeping, and remitting tax payments. We provide the most equitable solution for ensuring that the job gets done. Additionally, we work to maximize the efficiency of your team's workflow, keeping in mind the tax and legal implications of every process and procedure.

We specialize in the following types of businesses: 
Construction and general contractors, not-for-profit organizations, law firms, tech startups, consulting firms and retail establishments.


Our firm specializes in cloud-based accounting, which uses softwares like QuickBooks Online or Xero to manage your bookkeeping. We will also work with you to re-organize your standard operating procedures by providing advice on how to implement the best practices for your unique operational needs. If you aren’t yet on a cloud-based accounting software, let us help you set that up. If you are already using one but want to convert to Xero, we are your migration experts and will help manage the process for you.

For small businesses, an ERP is not a practical solution. Utilizing smaller, more cost-effective tools that sync data together to build a network of operations is an ideal solution. This includes project management systems, inventory management systems, point of sale systems, data storage solutions, etc. Pairing them with your cloud-based accounting system will save time, and reduce the rate of human error associated with common data entry tasks. 

We employ tools like Dropbox and Google Docs for organizing all of your data and will work with your team to establish the optimal workflow to ensure the highest level of efficiency is met to properly use the resources at your disposal and to facilitate your company's growth. 

We are your outsourced accounting management dream team. We take on the admin tasks that you don’t have time to do. You’ll receive one-on-one attention every step of the way, with prompt responses to emails & calls. Contact us, today, and let us know what you need.
— Laura Allen, Founder


Our associates provide tax return preparation services for personal and corporate returns. We are now filing free extensions for new clients who engage us to prepare their tax returns. New tax return filing deadlines were set by the IRS for last year. For more details, check out our blog post.


Our associates provide financial consulting services to help businesses and non-profits make their grand entrance, and even make their grand exits, by carefully overseeing the startup logistics, operations management, and even exit strategy execution. Not only do we give advice on the best strategies, considering legal and tax implications, but we also can do the legwork to execute the tasks.

For businesses, we handle proper corporate organization formation and annual compliance, which is essential to achieving limited liability protection. We can also help structure debt or investor financing packages for your fundraising efforts to augment organic growth by helping to structure synergistic business acquisitions, paving the way for building a substantial company. If you decide to sell the business or go public, we can also position the business for the best exit strategy, in order to maximize the value of your business. 




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For nonprofits, your mission becomes our mission. Our nonprofit division, Cultivate Financial, knows the ins-and-outs of acquiring 501(c)(3) status and our specialists will gain the needed IRS approvals, carrying you forward with advice on administrative guidelines to ensure that your tax exempt status is maintained. Furthermore, our associates navigate the rigorous annual IRS reporting requirements, and can produce special reports for grant proposals or board review.