What clients are saying...

"Pencil, Inc. has been instrumental in helping Common Desk with both day to day bookkeeping and implementing streamlined processes and procedures that have led to our team functioning more efficiently. They have been a big part of our recent success."
     -Nick Clark, Founder of  Common Desk 
Pencil, Inc. has been an incredible asset for our small business and shop. Their service allows us to focus on what we do best instead of worrying about the bookkeeping process.
    -Adam Littke, Founder of  Set & Co.
 "Before Pencil Inc, I felt like I was trying to steer a ship without a propeller. Bookkeeping is anything but basic. It's pertinent to getting a business off the ground and running successfully. I am thankful that Artist Uprising is finally taking off - a huge thanks to excellent bookkeepers."
  -Merrick Porcheddu, Founder of  Artist Uprising
"The Pencil Inc. team has a keen eye for detail and really works to help me understand the "why" of it all. They work relentlessly to solve problems and have been a truly excellent addition to the Bar & Garden team."
     -Julie Buckner Lane, Bar & Garden Dallas
"I have been searching for a team who truly understands creative freelancers and small business ownership. Pencil, Inc. understands the math of business and puts it in a form that self employed creatives can understand and greatly benefit from." 
     -Kelsey Wilson, Founder of  Kelsey Wilson Photography