The IRS changed the postmark deadline for 1099's and W-2's! Both forms are due to your employees, contractors, and the IRS by January 31st, 2018.

We offer form preparation services for you 1099's and W-2's.

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Medieval scientists were infatuated with discovering the universal elixir. The breakthrough development of alchemy led to the discovery that metals turn into gold. We now know that a flash of light can temporarily change the structure of graphite, the writing mechanism of pencils, into a diamond-like form.

Our financial alchemists are obsessed with transforming the basic elements of financial management into a renewed form that will fundamentally change the way that you work.

Our agents don't have the Midas touch. Even better: they possess the experience to help you strike gold. We will work with you to create permanent solutions for your organization's daily, monthly and yearly financial operations management.

With a little bit of concentrated light, the pencil is mightier than gold.